Virtually Real


    Welcome to Virtually Real, a site containing information and multimedia about Fin Fin, the world's most realistic virtual pet. Please browse through the site using the links above. I've tried to make this site very thorough and informative, because not too many people know about Fin Fin, and I think the more that learn about him through this site, the better. Everyone should have a copy of Fin Fin, and it's too bad that it seems to be such a rare program!

    Before you begin your search, please take note: I get many emails asking about Fin Fin and where the program can be found. Although I state it many times on my site, let me make it clear here: Fin Fin is no longer available for purchase in stores. However, some people have managed to find it on eBay. Your best bet is to try to find it there. And remember to look for the English version (unless you're Japanese or German, of course).

Fin Fin on Windows XP

    I'm putting this right here on the main page, because the majority of emails I receive about Fin Fin are asking me if there is a way to get the program to work on Windows XP. Previously, the answer was NO. But recently a patch has been introduced that will allow the program to work! The answer to this problem can be found on Emge's Fin Fin site, here. This is great news for Fin Fin lovers everywhere! It works fantastically (I'm using the patch right now, and Fin Fin is running great on my computer).