Here's where you can learn about Fin Fin's surroundings: his territory and its flora and fauna. By now you have learned that Fin Fin lives on the planet Teo, but the Fin Fin program does not show all of Teo. It only shows a small area of Teo. The area we are shown in the Fin Fin program is a region called "Perna." Perna is divided into six locations, called "contact points," at which the contactee can visit Fin Fin (click here for a screenshot of the Fin Fin start up menu, showing the Perna region and its contact points). Depending on which version of Fin Fin you own, all or only a few of the contact points may be available for visiting. Here you can read in detail about them.

Amile Forest
Lemo Valley
Rem River Bank
Secret Inlet
Tsubu Woods